Rich Tomato Soup (Indian Style)

This recipe was noted down by me some fifteen years ago. It was published in The Hindu. i always try this at home yet i feel every time i am cooking this as a new dish because of the freshness and unique taste of the soup.



Tomatoes- 6

Carrot or Beet root -1

Onion -1

Garlic – 6 flakes(small)

Cinnamon – 1 cm

Cloves 4

Milk -1 cup

Mint leaves – 2 tbls

Maida -2 tbls

Salt – 1 1/4 tsp

Oil -1 1/4 tsp

Sugar – 1 tsp

Black Pepper (whole ) -1/2 tsp



Method: Chop tomatoes, garlic, onion. Grate carrot . Heat oil in a pressure cooker , add the cinnamon and clove . Fry a bit and add onion, garlic and mint leaves . Fry till the onion becomes light gold in colour . Add tomatoes , carrot . Fry till the tomatoes become mushy .

Mushy Tomatoes.

Mushy Tomatoes.

Add maida . Fry till the raw smell disappears . Add 3 cups of water , salt , sugar and pepper . Pressure cook or cook in a a heavy bottomed vessel.for 10 mts .

Cooking  in a heavy bottomed vessel.

Cooking in a heavy bottomed vessel.

When cold liquidize soup and strain it



Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk . Check for taste and heat well . Serve soup piping hot , garnishing with a blob of cream
and a scattering of toasted bread croutons on top. Enjoy!!!!!




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