Keerai Kadaiyal with Poondu.

Keerai kadaiyal

Keerai kadaiyal

Yet another keerai kadaiyal. This is made by my mom and i have included this in  Mom’s recipes  as for all of us our mother is the best teacher and best cook for us in the world. So i want to give my mom the proper recognition and show gratitude.. Usually all recipes by my mother will be simple and quick. i think her early days of married life in a big joint family chiseled her into a quick cook . i too follow that type of cooking only. This dish can be mixed with rice and ghee or butter . My mom used to give this with butter during my pregnancy days.


Spinach – 1 bundle

Salt- to taste

Garlic- 2 flakes


Cut spinach and wash well. Cook it with  correct quantity of water . Add garlic and salt . After it cools , grind it in a mixie or mash it with a Mathu


This  is an excellent source of iron.


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