Banana Paratha.

Banana Paratha.

Banana Paratha.

Banana Paratha

This recipe i got from  a tamil novel. The heroine mentions this and she tells us the ingredients added by her mother and it is so yummy that we can eat on its own without any accompaniment. Most of us omit many things we know , but if something is told in a indirect way we scratch our heads and try doing it . i too tried this one day after trying to remember what the heroine had mentioned. When i shared this with my mother she said she too read that novel. I will present that recipe based on what i use to make Banana Paratha.

Whole wheat flour 2 cups
Banana 2
Egg 1
Milk 1 cup
Salt a pinch


Method :
To the flour add salt and sift well. Then add bananas and mash well. Mix it with flour. Now beat the egg and add it . Mixing well is important because it will determine the quantity of milk we are using to knead . Now add milk little by little and knead well. You will get a soft pliable dough. Add little oil and mix well and your hands too will be clean now.


Cover it for at least 1 hour. Make small balls . Rollout into parathas and cook it in the tava. Ghee is best suited for this so add little Ghee and cook. This banana paratha can be eaten as such , which will be proved by your spouse or kids wanting to have it even while being cooked. If needed you can eat this raitha or any side dish. We had this with Vaazhaithandu Pachadi. The spicy pachadi and the sweet paratha was gobbled down quickly by us so the photo too was taken in haste with the phone by its side . Excellent tiffin for Dinner.


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