Malaysian Sun Melon Custard.

i  bought this fruit from Fair price and was waiting for it to ripen . After a week too, the  fruit was hard. I decided to cut it and make custard. The result was the custard’s sweetness balanced  the slight bitter part of the fruit and was an excellent dessert on a hot summer afternoon.

DSC07633 DSC07634  DSC07636 DSC07638


Malaysian Sun Melon 1/2
Custard powder 1 tbsp
Milk     2 cups
Sugar  2 tsp
Honey 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Cut the fruit and remove the skin. Cut the fruit into small pieces .Add custard powder to a small cup of milk and whisk briskly. Boil the remaining milk in a pan and slowly add the custard and mix well. Add sugar . When the custard is ready switch off the flame and cool it . Add the fruits, honey and vanilla essence . Cool it and then store in the fridge and serve it cool . The water from the fruit will dilute the custard but not very dilute , yet we will get a good  taste .

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