Tamarind Rice (புளியோதரை ).


Tamarind rice is everyone’s favourite . My Grandmother makes delicious Pulikaaichal (tamarind kuzhambu) and nothing can beat its taste. Some more delicious recipes are Srirangam Puliyodharai and the puli saatham we get in Perumal Temple here. The real sour taste but not much with the smell of Gingelly oil, groundnuts and curry leaves lingers in our mouth even if we have a small quantity. Once i made this for our trip to Malaysia and when stored in fridge it lasted for 3 days . It was the survival kit for us who are vegetarians . The proper method of doing this will be learnt by trial and error method only .

Tamarind: 1 lemon size
Red chilly – 4-5
Channa Dal – 1 tbls
Groundnut -1 tbls
Pepper – 3 0r 4
Hing powder -1 stp
Roasted Methi seeds powder- 1tsp
Gingelly oil -2 tbsls
Curry leaves –a sprig
Turmeric powder -1 tsp
Cooked rice – 1 cup
Soak the tamarind in water for 1 hour . If you are in a hurry then you can microwave or add boiling water to tamarind and take a thick pulp. Remember to take a sizeable quantity of tamarind water as we will cooking till it gets reduced half the volume. Heat oil in a vessel. Add the dals, Chilli, Hing powder .

DSC07644 DSC07645 DSC07646

Then add tamarind water, turmeric powder. Cover and cook till you get a thick consistency , similar to our Pickle . Now add the methi powder and cook for few more minutes Add curry leaves and salt . Cool it and store in clear , clean bottles. You can use this for making Tamarind rice and tamarind Idiaapam.
Tamarind Rice: Cook rice so that you get separate grains. Spread in a big plate and add 2 tsp gingelly oil. Cool this. Then add the Pulikaaichal and mix. It is better you use a ladle than your hand to increase the shelf life. Check for salt and if needed add little more . Cool it and pack in lunch boxes.
1. Reduce the chilli and increase the tamarind.
2. Add gingelly oil Cook the rice so that it stands separate
3. Add the paste a little more when mixing so that its settles well when we eat i.e in a gap of 3 to 4 hours .
4.The cooking of Pulikaaichal should take at the least 1 hour . So make this in a thick bottom vessel and in a slow fire .
5. Tamarind rice can be accompanied with small onion(my father likes this way), chips, Thengaai thuvaiayal,vadai or any vegetable.here i have made black eyed bean vadai , which i learnt from my friend Srividya’s blog.


3 thoughts on “Tamarind Rice (புளியோதரை ).

    • Thanks Vidhya, i wanted to add my comment in ur blog but it was delaying. Your recipe is too good and can i mention ur blogname in my recipe? i am reading ur blog everyday. Perfect work Vidhya .

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