Arisi Upuma (அரிசி உப்புமா )


The most prevalent food in Thanjavur district is Arisi upuma. Once my aunts from Chennai were visiting our relatives in Thnajavur district. They ahd lunch or dinner in all our relatives’ houses .When they came to our house they had arisi upuma and at that time they said in all the houses they visited arisi upuma and paruppu usili were the common food .
Arisi upuma is a wholesome food and when guests visit we make Idli and Arisi upuma to give the full feeling . Mostly we do this for dinner . The grinding of Rice rava can be done in machines or in a stone grinder called Enthiram . Gone are the days nowadays people buy this rava in departmental stores and cook . There are many methods of doing ,and i am posting of how i cook this.

Ponni Raw rice – 2 cups
Tuvar Dal – 1/ 4 cup
Red chilli – 3 to 4
Mustard seed – 1 tsp
Urad Dal – ½ tsp
Channa Dal – ½ tsp
Hing -1/ 2 tsp
Coconut – 1tblsp
Oil – 2 tblsp .
Salt and Curry leaves .


Wash the rice twice and remove completely the water. Spread this on a clean cloth where there is sunlight or can be dried under the fan . On top of it sprinkle the washed Tuvar dal. Let this dry for an hour or two. When it is completely dry , grind it in a mixie or any available source . If in mixie grind in the lowest speed for 5 minutes . Check the rava , for me i prefer little bit big rava . if you want a nice rava grind for few more minutes .



Now the preparation for the Upuma.Heat oil in a kadai or cooker or Vengala paanai. Add oil , mustard, urad dal, channa dal, hing .



Then add water ( for 1 cup rava it is 1 and ½ cup water ) .




Add salt and curry leaves. When the water is boiling add the rava and cover it .



Cook in a slow flame, after 10 minutes toss the upuma for even cooking and again cover it .Finally check the upuma for salt and if it is cooked enough switch off the flame . Coconut oil and coconut can be added now .



This upuma can be eaten with Coconut Thuvaiayal. But my favourite  is Puli Milagaai. ( recipe given in Pickles)




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