Bengalooru Kathirikaai fry (chow chow fry )


One of the most asked question to vegetarians is don’t you feel bored cooking vegetables only. The answer is vegetarian cooking has a great variety, style . Thanjavur, Thirunelveli, Chennai – each district has its own type of cooking depending on the climate, availability of resources . Going North of India we see the food rich in oil and fat to with stand the cold climate . Similarly caste based , community based cooking also prevails . The same vegetable can be cooked in different methods . So vegetarian cooking is a joy and skill . Chow Chow is a vegetable we use to make Sambhar, kootu or poriyal . This method i learnt from my Husband who learnt from his mother. It has a distinctive taste . Those who cannot eat Potato for diet reasons can do this and enjoy once in a while . i have named this recipe too Bengalooru kathirikkai in order to coincide with the name change of Bangalore!!!!!



Chow Chow – 2
Onion – 1
Gram flour or roasted Gram flour – 2 tbls
Rice flour – 1 tbls
Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Salt – to suit taste
Oil and curry leaves .

Slice onion into thin pieces and fry in oil , keep aside Scrap the skin of chow chow and slice it into very thin slices .




Add the gram flour, Rice flour, red chilly powder, hing , turmeric power, salt to this and mix well . Add oil in a non stick pan . Splutter mustard seeds . Add the vegetables and curry leaves . Cook in a slow flame, tossing the vegetables frequently .



Leave it in a slow flame . Soon you will find the vegetable cooked . Taste for salt and then add the fried onions . Onions are nota must but it give a crunchy taste . Add little oil if you find the vegetables dry . The chow chow fry is ready and goes well with anything .


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