Carrot Badam Kheer.


This recipe is my mother’s and i remember pestering my mother in my childhood , Amma do this Beer . i have included this in  Mom’s recipes  as for all of us our mother is the best teacher and best cook for us in the world. So i want to give my mom the proper recognition and show gratitude.. Usually all recipes by my mother will be simple and quick. i think her early days of married life in a big joint family chiseled her into a quick cook . i too follow that type of cooking only.Well we will become addictive to this once we taste it . An easy preparation and can be substituted for payasam or sweets for a lunch or dinner .Contains the Goodness of Carrot and Badam. .

Milk – 2 cups
Badam – 10 to 15
Carrot -4
Sugar – 1 cup



Soak Badam in Hot water for atleast an hour and remove its skin.Cook carrot in a pressure cooker with enough water . After it gets cooked cool it and grind with badam.

Boil milk and to this add the carrot badam mixture .


Taste it and add sugar accordingly .


It is better to lower the sugar quantity as carrot itself is sweet . Chill this and serve.

Variation: Instead of Badam, cashew can be added . To get the flavour we can add Badam essence.

DSC07685Sending this to Happy Mother's day.MJ delights


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