Thirattu Paal

Thirattu paal is my favourite  sweet and i had copied a   quick method in my diary many years ago . i just tried it today and we all liked it . At the maximum it takes 10 minutes to cook and the taste is almost similar to the original one. Do try this and make others smile too.

Condensed milk (sweetened) – 1 tin
Fresh Yoghurt or fresh curd – 2 tbls
Ghee           – 1 and 1/2 tbls

Mix the ingredients in a deep very deep microwave vessel . Microwave for two minutes in High , stir it and again microwave it . When you see the mixture in crumbled coarse form the cooking can be stopped . It took 7 to 10 minutes for me . Cooling it and serving will give a more solid texture . You can try this and tell the secret after the guests eat this .

DSC07673 DSC07675 DSC07676 DSC07677 DSC07681Sent This recipe to clock (1)

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