Home made Pizza.






It has been a dream for me to bake pizza and after reading books and surfing sites i gained a quiet confidence to bake pizza. First of all i did not want to use maida or All purpose flour and so i substituted with refined plain wheat flour .Again it is refined and white , yet cannot help for some recipes . The first time i baked, the whole family was waiting for each pizza and we hungrily gobbled it . But this time with much preparation and a guide for baking from a book borrowed in the National library i set on my baking pursuit . i have used what i have in my hand and this is just my version of Pizza. The result is we got soft pizzas and with good taste.

Ingredients(for dough):
Refined plain wheat flour – 4 cups ( You can mix all purpose flour and wheat flour in equal proportions also)
Dry Yeast – 1 tsp
Warm water – 1 cup
olive oil – 1 tsp


Add the flour and mix with salt. Make a well in the middle , add yeast and warm water. Wait for few minutes and the yeast will dissolve . Then mix the flour slowly with the water and make it into a dough. Finally add little olive oil. Cover this and leave it for an hour or more .

For the Pizza sauce:
You can either buy any ready made pizza sauce or can make at home.

Tomatoes– 5

Red Bell pepper – 1(big)

Onion – 3

Garlic – 4 flakes

Omam (Thymol seeds) – 1 tsp

Black pepper – 1tsp


Olive oil – 1tsp

Method: (For sauce )

Blanch tomatoes and skin it, cut into 4 pieces. Add oil in  a pan, Fry the bell pepper, onion, garlic and tomatoes. Add pepper, salt and omam. Grind it  to a smooth paste.


Pizza making:


The dough will be now double in size . Do not knead it hardly but just knock it softly. Divide into big balls and roll into ½ inch thick circles It is better to put this in the pizza pan and then add the toppings because after the toppings are added it will be difficult to transfer.

  1. Prick with a fork on top of the circles.
  2.  Apply the tomato sauce.
  3.  Sprinkle the cheese.
  4. Top the vegetables .
  5.  Sprinkle cheese again.
  6. Dribble little olive oil.
  7.  Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees..
  8. Bake the Pizza for 15 minutes .
  9. Cool it in the cooling rack and serve.



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