Green Bean and Sago Dessert.


Singapore has high Humidity and so we feel warm even if it is raining . To suit the climate certain foods are cooked to cope up . One such is Green Bean dessert . It is a cooling food and so we can relish it on any Hot day cooling our body .

Green Beans – 2 cups
Sago – 1 cup
Sugar/ Rock Sugar – 6 tsp (or as per your taste )
Pandan Leaves( screw pine) (Pandanus amaryllifolius )– 1 bunch

Coconut milk1 cup

Method: Soak Green beans in water for 6 hours


Cook it in a closed vessel or pressure cooker . If you do not get Pandan leaves use any flavour of your taste .


Soak the sago for half an hour in water .

Boil 2 cups water in a vessel. Add the sago, cooked green beans and tie the Pandan leaves and put inside this .


When the sago becomes transparent it shows that it  is cooked .


Add sugar or rock sugar . i used jaggery and sugar combination . Finally add coconut milk and serve it hot or chilled .


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