Curry leaves Powder (கறிவேப்பிலை பொடி).


Indian cuisine especially South Indian is incomplete without curry leaves .It is mainly used for garnishing and often discarded during eating . To get the most benefit of curry leaves various food recipes are there . One such is Curry Leaves powder , which can be added to rice and eaten . Dr. Sivaraman  is advocating the various benefits of natural food and many magazines are publishing his articles. i am listing the benefits of curry leaves as given by him

Curry leaves are rich in Beta carotene ,Iron and anti oxidants.

In diabetic patients it helps in reducing sugar level by 42% and long term diabetic patients who suffer from Diabetic Neuropathic pain can   benefit from curry leaves .

Heart attack is more prone when High density Lipo protein lowers. To gradually increase the good cholesterol is difficult but curry leaves again helps here.

Those who must eat curry leaves are

  1. Diabetic patients
  2. Anaemic patients
  3.  If  we are frequently changing eye glasses
  4. Low Good cholesterol
  5. Hair fall .

Now to the recipe and i am giving a simple recipe. Curry leaves powder can be stored for many weeks without refrigeration and can be taken with Plain rice or with idly and dosai .



Curry leaves – a bunch

Urad Dal – 1 cup

Channa  Dal – ¾ cup

Red chilli – 3

Hing – 1 tsp

Salt and oil.

Method.  Wash curry leaves . There are three ways to make it dry .

One is  to spread the leaves on a plate and cover it with a white cloth . Sun dry for few days .Another method is ,in a pan dry roast the curry leaves ..The third method which i used is, it to dry for 15 minutes by spreading it and keeping in airy or sunny place . Then transfer the leaves to a microwave oven safe plate . Now heat in the micro wave oven for about 10 minutes .If the leaves can be crumbled by hand then it is ready to grind . Other wise continue the procedure for few more minutes .


In a kadai add 1  tsp oil and roast Urad dal, Channa dal, red chilli . When cool grind these with curry leaves, Hing powder and salt in a mixie . It should be of smooth to slightly coarse texture .Put this in a vessel and mix well . Then store in air tight containers. Curry leaves powder and Gingelly oil or ghee with hot rice is a perfect food .



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