Sāmbhar powder (சாம்பார் பொடி)-1(Family secret (: )

DSC07833Sāmbhar Powder is a must in South Indian kitchen and is grinded in a large quantity and stored. We use it not only for Sāmbhar , but for Vatha Kuzhambu and all Curries. So without Sambhar Powder we feel handicapped. For many years i had been bringing this from India, but a sudden dawn of thought to grind it in Singapore so that we can get fresh powder knocked me and with my mother’s recipe i started doing this . Selvi Mills, Pandan Loop are of great help , prompt and give good service. i am giving the recipe for the powder i use . We can alternate according  to the quantity we want . Usually we add whole turmeric with this , But nowadays  we buy Turmeric powder and give it along with grinding this Powder as it is easy to blend with .


Red Chilli -1 kg

Dhaniya – 1kg

Tuvar Dal – 100 gm

Black pepper –  200 gm

Jeera –200 gm

Methi seeds– 20 gm

Turmeric powder – 150 gm


Sundry all the ingredients for 3 to 4 days  and powder it in a mill . To dry roast the ingredients and grind is another method . Since we  have  a Sunny window ledge i   sun dried the ingredients. The powder when cool can be stored in Zip lock bags and kept in the fridge or in an air  tight container . Take the powder in a small container for daily use and refill it whenever necessary . This will ensure that the flavour lasts longer . Usually the above mentioned quantity will last for 4 to 5 months .



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