Curry Soup.


Curry  soup  recipe  was published in The Hindu many years ago. Adding  cream style corn makes this vegetable soup appealing . Once we made this soup in a barbecue pit , the taste was extremely different and superb.

Mixed vegetables – 2 cups
(Carrot, Beans, cabbage, Corn,Sweet pea, Bell pepper)

Cooked Rajma or any  beans  – 1 cup

Sweet corn cream style – 1 box
Onion -1
Garlic -3 flakes
Green chilli -2
Black Pepper Powder – 2tsp
Low fat milk – 2cups

Method: Cut vegetables into small pieces.


Cut onion and garlic.

Slit Green Chilly.

Boil the vegetables.

In a vessel add oil and fry onion , green chilli and garlic. Then add the boiled vegetables, sweet corn cream style, salt, little water  and black pepper powder.


Mix well. After few minutes add milk and simmer .


Let the heat distribute evenly . That’s the end . Serve with Tomato sauce, Chilly sauce or Green chilli in vinegar for the extra spice.



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