Simple Dal for rice .

When we want a break from the hectic cooking work we can make this simple Dal. It is an ideal food for children too as they do not like spicy food . A papadam or even a pickle is enough when we have this simple Dal with hot rice .
Ingredients :
Moong Dal – 1 cup
Onion -1
Tomato- 1
Carrot (finely cut) – 1 cup
Mustard seeds -1 tsp
Saunf or jeera – 1 tsp
Green chilli – 1
Salt and oil.
Cook Moong dal in a cooker .

Add oil in a kadai and temper with mustard seeds and jeera , saunf .

Add onion and green chilli and fry well.

Add cut tomato. Now we can add the cut carrots and vegetables of our choice .

Add little water and simmer . Cover the vessel .

After 10 minutes when the vegetables are done add the dal and salt and cook for few more minutes .

Garnish with curry leaves and coriander leaves .

Serve with ghee on Hot rice.


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