Mango Pachadi.

Today is Tamil New year (Puthandu) . Traditional cooking is followed in Tamilian Houses. For sweet Payasam, Mango Pachadi are cooked and for bitterness neem flowers which are dried and preserved are used . Mango Pachadi is an accompaniment and goes well with Sambhar . This day is celebrated by some communities with neem flowers and raw mangoes to symbolize growth and prosperity.

Unripe Mango -2
Jaggery – 2 cubes
Coconut -2 tsp
Mustard seeds -1 tsp
Green chilli -1


Scrap the skin of mango . Cut the mango into thin slices and steam it .Cooking it in a pressure cooker is easier .


Meanwhile soak the jaggery in water and strain it to remove impurities . Then heat it well.


Now add the cooked mango and stir well. A semisolid consistency will be reached . Temper with mustard seeds, green chilli. Add coconut . If we have neem flowers it can be added on this



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