Javarisi Payasam (Sago Dessert ).

Javarisi Payasam is a very common dessert which is made during Hindu festivals and is also liked by all because of its different texture . for variation i divided into two parts and added Rose syrup to one part which was surprisingly more liked by my children . Imagination and creativity always leads was proved in this new venture.

Sago -1 cup
Sugar – 12 tsp
Milk – 2cups
Cashew – 5
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Rose syrup – 2tsp

Boil one cup of water .
When the water has reached the boiling stage add the sago and cook in mild flame .

After the sago is cooked add boiled milk and sugar .
Mix well . After few minutes remove from fire .
Divide into two parts and to one part add rose syrup.
To another part add Cashew roasted in ghee and cardamom powder .
After sometime this dessert tends to become thick so save some milk before mixing so that it can be used for mixing the Payasam when serving.



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