Arisi sundal /அரிசி சுண்டல் .


Arisi sundal is mostly prepared  on fasting days. Since rice is roasted it can be considered as  a tiffin and when we all get together this is cooked . Instead of Ghee dripping  Pongal this  is better and also easy to cook when there is  a big gathering. The simple Idli Milagai podi or any chutney or curd with sugar will make this a  wonderful  food.


Raw Rice or Par boiled rice – 1 cup

Moong Dal -1 /2 cup

Red Chilli – 3

Mustard seeds -1 tsp

Channa dal -1 tsp




Curyy leaves


  1. Dry roast the  rice well till its lightly changes texture.


  1. Similarly dry roast the moong dal. Mix them together and wash well. Drain water completely .


  1. Add oil in a pan and  add mustard seeds, channa dal, dry red chilli, hing . .


After they splutter ,add this to the rice.For 1 cup of rice add  two cups of water and a half cup of water for dal, which means  for the quantity mentioned above we need to add 2 and  ½ cup of water.

  • Add salt, curry leaves to the rice and mix well


Pressure cook for two whistles only. Mix well and serve.

DSC08092Tip: Care should be taken similar to pulao  cooking . The rice grains must separate so water quantity and cooking time is important. Normally if you add 3 cups of water to 1 cup of rice , for  this add 2 cups of water only .


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