Eggless Mixed fruit Jam Microwave Mug Cake.


As requested by my friend Poornima  i decided to try microwave cake without egg( a long name). Searching the net yielded in the common mug cake and at last i found one without egg and baking powder. Of course it has self raising flour which itself has rising agent  so no head ache of measuring Baking powder or soda. Then i did not want to repeat the same choco cake or nutella. I had the homemade jam with me. So i added it  and no essence too. You can try this with nutella or any jam. One mug was half full and the other had risen too much , but  i liked that too. Microwaving for just 2 minutes is enough and test the dough for sweetness before microwave and add more jam if required.


Self Raising Flour – 4  tbls

Sugar – 4  tbls

Mixed fruit Jam – 3  tbls

Vegetable oil – 3  tbls

Milk -3  tbls

Dry fruits(optional)- ½ tsp

Measure the required amount of flour and in a mixing bowl add this. Then add sugar, oil , Milk and mix well. Add jam  and mix again. Transfer half of this to a mug and add dry fruits on top. Microwave for two minutes and test with a tooth pick .The mug cake is ready . This will be perfect for the sudden sweet tooth urge or to kill the depressing boredom .
DSC08086Children might  like Chocolate flavour only so we can try variation and add cocoa Powder  1 tsp , 2 tsp Nutella  and choc chips on top instead of jam .


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