Green Brinjals in Coconut milk/எண்ணெய் கத்திரிக்காய் குழம்பு


When we get Green Brinjals my mother used to do this. My father says that this dish was introduced in our family by one of our Aunts. This can be used  to mix on rice and eat or like a side dish too .My sister had written this recipe in a note and given to me during my marriage .

My sister's Handwritten recipe.

My sister’s Handwritten recipe.



Green Brinjal – 3

Coconut Milk -1 cup or extracted from 1 half of a coconut

Red chilli -3

Urad dal – 1 tsp


Coconut oil.



  1. Cut brinjal into thin slices .
  2. Extract coconut milk.
  3. Fry urad dal and  red chilli in oil and grind to a smooth paste.

DSC080704. Boil the  cut brinjal  in coconut milk.

DSC080725. Add the ground paste,salt .

DSC080716.When  the brinjal is  cooked switch off the flame and sprinkle a tsp of coconut oil.It is now ready to serve.

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