Kumbakonam Kadapaa / கும்பகோணம் கடப்பா.

Another recipe from Arusuvai Arasu. I haven’t heard about this food , but i came to know about this from my Husband only. . My husband used to praise the food he had in his hostel Days in Nagapattinam. The Tomato rice and Moong Dal sambhar combo, Kadapaa and  Uthappam combo and his list is endless . i finally got the recipe for Kadapaa that too from the Kitchen King through a magazine . It is extremely good and ideal when we have to prepare food in bulk. Poppy seeds are not allowed here(Singapore) so i have omitted in my recipe. I am posting the exact recipe given by Arusuvai Arasu.

Moog dal – 200 gm
Potato -300 gm
Garlic – 100 gm
Cinnamon – 10 gm
Cloves -10 gm
Onion – 300 gm
Poppy Seeds – 20 gm
Roasted Gram – 50 gm
Green chilli – 10 -12
Coriander Leaves
Coconut -1 half scraped

 Grate one half of a coconut .
 Cut onions into thin pieces .
 Boil potato and crumble them well.
 Cook moong dal in a pressure cooker and mash it well.
 Grind 4 flakes Garlic, Roasted Gram , Poppy seeds , green chilli to a nice paste .

In a kadai heat oil and add four flakes of Garlic and fry till it turns brown . Next add the spices . Saute onion well . Add 2 cups of cooked moong dal Water, required salt , turmeric powder . When this comes to a boil add the crumbled Potato and the ground paste. Mix well and again allow it to boil. Finally after switching off the flame add a tint of lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. Kadappa Goes well with IdlyDosai and Idiyaapam. 





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