Gobi Manchurian Gravy.


Perhaps the first Chinese taste  was introduced to many of us through fried rice or Gobi Manchurian. I learnt this from a relative and had just copied down in my note. I used to get a ready made mix for this in Mustafa and the procedure was simple.  But to get the homemade , good taste i tried this today .


Medium size Cauliflower -1

A small bunch spring onion

Ginger  finely chopped  – 2 tsp

Garlic finely chopped -1  tsp

Plain Flour/maida -1/4 cup

Corn Flour -3 tbsp

Red chilli powder-½ tsp

Red chilly (dry)-2

Oil -3 tbsp

Water – 1 ½  cup

Milk.- 1tbsp

Soya sauce, tomato chilli sauce – 1 tsp (each)


1         Boil the florets in water  to which a tbls of milk has been added .DSC08096

2          Boil for just 4 minutes and drain the water.

3         Pat dry the cauliflower.

4         Make a thin batter of the plain flour and corn flour adding ¼ tsp of garlic, ginger , red chilli powder, salt . DSC08100

5        Dip the florets in the batter  and deep fry. DSC08101                         DSC08103After frying the florets  in ,the remaining oil add the remaining ginger, garlic, one crushed red chilli and fry well.

6         Add salt, spring onion and sauté for a minute.

7         Add  ¼ cup of water and bring to a boil. In ¼ cup of water add 1 tbls of corn flour and mix well. Gradually add this to the gravy and stir well continuously till it resumes boiling .DSC08105

8          Boil till the gravy becomes transparent .

9         Now add the florets , soya sauce and Tomato chilli sauce .

10      Boil for few more minutes and remove.

11     Garnish with spring onion, if available. DSC08108


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