Tangy Tomato Juice.


The summer quenchers are usually the ones which we have to go to the market to buy the ingredients. But to satiate the sudden thirst  an easy quencher is Tomato. My mother used to make this in my childhood and pack it to my school in the small Nescafe cups. Though it was common to us one of our relatives who visited our house wondered about making  juice with Tomato. i thought of posting this recipe and added variation of mine .


Tomato -5

Coriander leaves -a handful

Ripe Guava -1

Sugar – to suit taste.

Black pepper powder -1 /2 tsp


Wash tomatoes and cut into four. Blend his with coriander leaves and little water to dilute it. Add pepper powder and sugar. Mix well. Pour this in a cup and add some Guava  pieces and serve with a spoon. A  different  taste with chunks of guava to bite will please our taste  bud s at the same time with  the freshness of coriander lingering in our mouth.



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