Adai /அடை


Adai can be also called the Indian pizza as it is filling and tasty like pizza.But the nutrients and benefits of eating  Adai cannot be matched by any food . The process of cooking is little slow ,to get that crispy texture . Adai is made of different compositions. Usual accompaniments of Adai are Aviyal(mixed Vegetable Curry), Butter and Jaggery . The mere smell of adai being cooked in the kitchen elevates our senses and we can always call it  as a well balanced nutritious food for all times  or a complete Planned food.

Ingredients :

Raw Rice–  1/2 cup

Boiled Rice – 1/2 cup

Tuvar dal – ½ cup

Channa dal -1/2 cup

Moong dal – ¼ cup

Urad Dal – ¼ cup

Red chilli -4

Small onion -10

Hing powder – 1tsp

Curry leaves – few


Salt .


Soak Rice and dal separately .

After  4 hours of soaking grind the rice first .

When it becomes smooth add half of the dal .

Finally add the remaining half and even when it is little coarse switch off the wet grinder .

Grind chilly and small onion to a paste .

This can be done two ways .Either we add directly to the dal and grind or separately in a mixer  and added to the batter .

Add salt, curry leaves and hing powder and mix well. Adai batter is ready and we  need not  ferment .

If using later store immediately in the fridge . While making adai heat the tava  and season it with oil .

Add a ladle of the batter and spread well. Apply oil and cook in low  flame on both sides .

If you want you can top it with cut onion and cook .

Vegetables , drumstick leaves also can be added . Generally  for children and old people it is better to make it light .

Serve with  jaggery , ghee or Aviyal .The above said proportion makes soft Adai which even old  people can eat and digest  easily .



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