Keerai Kootu (Without Coconut).


When i came to Singapore the first acquaintance i had ,was one who was from Chennai side . i liked her cooking very much  because they do not include coconut in cooking . i learnt a lot from her and especially the different taste of the same vegetable because of the varied cooking style could be noticed by me .


Amaranthus / mullai Keerai – 1 bundle

Onion -1

Tomato -1

Moong dal -1 cup

Garlic -3

Green chill – 4

Mustard seeds -1 tsp

Saunf -1 tsp

Turmeric powder -1 tsp




Wash and cut the greens  into small pieces .

Cook moong dal in a cooker and mash it well.

Cook the Greens  with turmeric powder and little water .

In another kadai add little oil and add mustard seeds, Saunf .

Then add onion , garlic and tomato and sauté well.

When they are cooked three fourth add this to the cooked spinach .

Add salt and cooked moong dal  to the greens and simmer for a while .

Keerai kootu without coconut is ready and this can be made with any vegetable.

Although a  side dish this can be used  to mix with rice and eat along with any spicy curry.


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