Mushroom Soup.


It rained today and i  just finished  making  the Mushroom soup . What a  coincidence . A slight nap after the soup made me fresh and peeping outside the  window i found the roads too fresh cleaned by the rain .



Mushroom  – 2 tins

Onion -1

Garlic – 2 flakes

Cinnamon- 1 inch

Cloves -2

Low fat milk – 2 cups

Black peppercorn – 6




We prefer  tinned mushrooms  to fresh . But if you like you can prepare this soup with fresh mushrooms as well.  Low fat Milk too can be substituted  by whole or skim or fresh milk.

Wash and cut the mushrooms .

Reserve some mushrooms for garnishing  and cut them into very small pieces .

Cut onion and garlic. The soup can be made in stove top or micro wave oven .

Heat oil  and fry the mushroom pieces for garnishing well. Remove them  after  few seconds and keep aside.

Then add cinnamon, clove, onion, garlic and sauté well.

Add the mushrooms, Black pepper and sauté well. Add little water and cover the vessel. Cook for few minutes .


When cool  discard the cinnamon and cloves and grind the mushrooms with onion , garlic into a smooth paste .


Add this to milk and mix well. Simmer it . Add little salt as this soup is sensitive to salt .


When the soup starts boiling switch off the flame and serve with fried mushroom pieces on Top.

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