My 100th post and Tamil Nadu Saravana Bhavan Idly Sambhar.

Tamil Nadu Saravana Bhavan Idly Sambhar.

Tamil Nadu Saravana Bhavan Idly Sambhar.


This is my 100th post and this has been done in 30 days . i  started this blog and made the first post on March 24th (Tomato Soup). But out of some where the idea stuck me to complete 100 posts by April 24th .

April 24th is a special day , Darshan day for Mother Devotees as it signifies the The final Arrival day of Mother to Pondicherry . So i thought this coincidence indicates something to me and i was  running after posting recipes. In my rush i might have posted some blurred photos, spelling errors .i apologize for that .

i feel that anything can be done if the aspiration is there and with the right spirit the Divine will help us in all our efforts .i had learnt a lot of things while blogging . We were having a healthy , sumptuous meals everyday  .Many of my friends commented that i am giving them fond sweet memories of the past . The world is too beautiful but we unfortunately lose it to  our own thoughts . When we share or read beautiful moments even a cooker y blog like this we get the happiness . As for enjoying  joy only ,we  are  in this world . So i am happy that i am spreading the Good Word Joy through my recipes.

i thank all my blog visitors , friends and family who are encouraging me. It is a pleasant experience to see that someone from the other part of the world  is connecting with me . As i was waiting  for the 100th post idea my father asked for this recipe. So  i jumped into searching for the recipe and found it.

Satisfying and pleasing our parents is the best effort for us just like Lord Ganesha went around his parents and got the Divine Mango. So i feel The Mother too gave me an idea through my Father . i feel happy that  good influences are coming through many of us . With Mother’s blessings i  am sailing in this new experience with more cheerfulness.

Hope you too  enjoy my journey and share with me your pleasant  experiences  .

Beyond Words,above thoughts the flame of an intense aspiration must always burn steady and bright.
My love and blessings are always with you. The Mother.

This recipe i got from And as for my comments on this recipe is only one “You can just drink this”

Ingredients :DSC08236

Tuvar Dal – 2/3 cup

Brinjal -1

Drumstick -1

Shallots – 10

Tomatoes -2

Green chilli -2

Coriander leaves -10

Tamarind – 1 lemon size


To GrindDSC08238

Roasted Gram  -2 tsp

Tomato -1 big

Coconut – 1tbls

Sambar Powder – 4 tsp

Hing – ½ tsp

To Temper

Mustard seeds – ¼ tsp

Cumin seeds – 1tsp

Urad dal – 1 tsp

Dry chilli -1

Curry leaves -5


Cook Tuvar dal in cooker . When it is cooked add 4 cups of water and separate the water  from it  after the dal settles.

Cut the vegetables and slit chilli .

Make ½ cup of Tamarind water .

Make into a paste -gram dal, Tomato -1, Coconut , Sāmbhar Powder , Hing and  add water if needed.


Now add to the  4 cups of  dal water , cut vegetables , Shallots , cut tomato, green chilli  and cook.


After the vegetables are partially cooked , add the paste , dal ,  tamarind water  and finally  salt.

Finally temper the ingredients given above and  add it to the Sambhar . Add coriander leaves .

This is ideal for Idly and Dosai.

DSC08243Sending this recipe too Untitled


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