April 24th . The final Arrival day of The Mother to Pondicherry/ Dry Gulab Jamoon.


Today is Darshan day , the final arrival Day of Mother to Pondicherry and we devotees will have a prayer session and food wherever we have centres. We are fortunate to have a centre in Singapore. Every Friday we go for Prayer and on Darshan days too we go and take some food prepared from our houses . In short we are like a big extended family and now we are spreading  world-wide . Today i wanted to make something in large quantities , may be a hundred and Dry Gulab jamoons  will be ok said my mind and   i started this.

i offer it to all through this blog.Of course tasting cannot be done through a blog   but  photos will surely show the Love our Devotees in Singapore have . Hope you all get this Divine love and spread to near and dear ones .Happy Darshan Day.

Thanjavur Bombay Sweets  Stall is famous for its Dry Gulab Jamoon and it is a sweet  that we can just swallow without any guilt as it has  no dripping ghee. Guests coming to our houses are sure to buy a packet of Gulab Jamoon from Bombay Sweets and we too  buy the same when  someone visits us. When we come back to Singapore from India we are sure to buy sweets and snacks from Bombay Sweets ,Medical  College  Road and the sales people take care  in packing and are also generous . There are no words  to describe the taste  of sweets  in this stall and i feel happy that from childhood till now i am able to keep bond with this shop. When we take children along with us , immediately they offer a sweet to them and the smell of sweets being made there linger even now in our hearts .



All purpose Flour/ Maida -3 cups

Condensed Milk – 1 tin

Baking powder – ½ tsp

Baking soda – ½ tsp

Butter / ghee – 2 tsp.

For the Syrup

Sugar –  2 cups

Water- 3 cups

Any essence – 1 tsp

Cardamom powder -1 tsp

For coating

Sugar   – 1 cup

Can use cake sprinkles too.

Method :

To make sugar Syrup

Add sugar to water and cook in medium flame till you get a sticky consistency .When cool add essence and Cardamom powder and cover it .

 To make the balls .

Sieve the Flour, baking powder , baking soda  well. To this add  condensed milk and ghee and mix gently to a soft dough . Sprinkle milk if you  find it too hard . Make it into balls of desired shape and size . Applying ghee or oil in hand will make it easier .

DSC08249 - Copy

DSC08250 - Copy

Now deep fry  the balls in hot oil , till Golden brown . Cook in low flame . Drain the oil in tissue paper.


When  the balls are cool soak it in the prepared sugar syrup. Now we slightly heat the syrup  and when it is hot it is ideal for the jamoons  to get  soaked in the syrup well. Let this be in syrup for 2 hours .  i spread it in a big plate .

DSC08251 - Copy

After two hours drain the  syrup  and coat the balls with sugar either one by one or you can add and shake the vessel .


We can decorated with cake sprinkles,  Pista or Badam . The remaining  syrup can  be  used  for a separate batch of the usual gulab jamoon .  The Softness of the Gulab jamoon will melt in our mouth. If the gulab jamoon is too hard or the jeera does not get into the ball heat the Jamoons  in the  syrup for  few minutes and close the vessel. In the steam and heat it will become soft and essence will enter it . Later when cool we can coat with sugar .



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