Chitra Rajma Gravy .


Some times  when we are searching for something it will not come . But when we forget it will come. This happened exactly in my life. Few years ago we got a  small slow cooker as a gift from a bank . i did not know what to do with it . i searched for some recipes too but the search was in vain . Then it happened that some students from a school  were collecting things  for donation and we were giving what we were not using . i suddenly thought that the slow cooker will be used by someone who can use it, why leave it in the cabinet and gave it away .

Now last week i got a book Indian Slow cooker recipes and was attracted by the methods in it . i totally forgot that i had given away the slow cooker and was searching high and low.

Later my husband said that we had given away .For a good cause means it is okay. But i wanted to try  those recipes and today i decided and planned a method. Ok the cooking should be slow , so i thought the same can be done in normal pressure cooker and experimented . Yes the  results were  good. We got nice tasty gravy with well cooked Rajma.

Usually my husband dislikes  Rajma  but he ate it without any comments . Above all the process is easy and we all want to do everything in a jiffy and yet get tasty food . We also do not want to sweat  in the kitchen. This recipe will be useful for us . Even while making  chapattis on one side we can cook it in the other burner and both will be done  simultaneously .

Chitra Rajma / Speckled Kidney beans is rich in fibre so we can use it often in our food.


My full acknowledgements to the author of this book ‘The Indian Slow Cooker ” Anupy  Singla  . If you ever get a chance  to get this do grab and take a glance . You will surely  be addicted to this book.

Today’s moon too is a beauty and am adding this photo.



Chitra Rajma / Speckled Kidney beans – 3 cups

Onion -1

Tomato paste – ½ cup

2 inch ginger

Garlic – 12

Red Chilli powder -1 tsp

Jeera  Powder -1 tsp


Turmeric powder -1 tsp

Butter -2 tsp

Coriander leaves – few

Green chilli -2

Water – 3 cups


Soak the Rajma for  at least   8 hours .

Wash and soak so that the soaked water can be used for cooking .

After 8 hours the actual cooking starts . Cut onion , ginger and peel garlic. Extract tomato paste from 2 tomatoes .

In a pressure cooker add the rajma first , after draining the water.

Remember to store the drained water .

Add onion, tomato paste , green chilli , red chilli powder , cumin powder, turmeric powder , salt , butter  and add 3 cups of water including the soaked water .


Mix well and cook in the lowest flame for 10 minutes and then raise the flame .

You will see steam coming. Put the weights  and again lower the flame .

After some time the whistle will be coming , even if it does not also no problem .

Wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes and then switch off the flame .

After the steam gets  settled , open the lid , taste for salt ,and boil for  few  minutes . Garnish with coriander leaves. The rajma will be well cooked .



The water quantity  and low flame are important . Once you know you cooker’s performance you can plan the time accordingly .

Low flame is the only important factor in this .

Any type of rajma can be used for this .

A mind map

Slow —–10mts———High—–till steam comes —–weight valve ——slow—10 to 15 mts ————–switch off ———-open ——-cook for 10 minutes .



2 thoughts on “Chitra Rajma Gravy .

  1. Samar says:

    Thanks a lot, the picture of the ingredients in the cooker was very helpful. You simplified a dish which d otherwise have been complicated.

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