Andhra Pesarattu.


i happened to read  this recipe in a magazine and from then i regularly do  this to get the benefits of Green Gram.

All of us know about the benefits of eating beans, legumes  but to make it everyday is a difficult one .

So to make it easier we can consume them as a diet for one dinner or breakfast. While grinding for Idli maavu we can  grind for Adai, Pesarattu, Aapam, ragi idli , each once a week and get the goodness .

Channa , Rajma, Black eyed bean  can be made us Gravy or kuzhambu thus  we need not force our children to eat sundal .

The best combination for Pesarattu is Ginger thuvaiyal , may be it balances and digests the  green gram easily.

Pesarattu is famous in Andhra and i have heard that when sons in law visit their in laws house they are served with rava uppuma inside Pesarratu .

My sister recollects that she had eaten Pesarttu with Ven pongal as stuffing in a marriage and she also gave me  tip of adding mint leaves while grinding ,as some may not like the strong smell of the Green gram .DSC08313


Green Gram – 1 cup

Raw rice – a handful

Jeera -1 tsp

Green chilli -4

Onion -1

Ginger – 1 inch

Mint leaves – a handful



Soak the green gram and rice in water for 6 to 8 hours .

Then grind them with ginger, chilli, onion , jeera , mint leaves . You will get a frothy dough.

Add salt, may be half of the usual amount as this is sensitive to salt .

You can use this dough immediately as i  found  it difficult to make dosai when stored in the fridge.

So making in small quantities and finishing it in one go is better. Heat the tava and add  oil and spread it .

Add a ladle of this dough and spread like dosai. Cook in low flame adding oil on all sides .

Cook on both sides and serve with Ginger thuvaiyal which will be a perfect combo. DSC08312


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