Kai Murukku/Hand made murukku for beginners.


i have seen in wonder when my grandmother made hand murukku  and even tried one or two but in vain in my childhood. Apart from that i had no experiences of seeing this made done and when Brahmin friends give as a marriage gift we relish it . Today i thought of making this and i wanted a short cut as i had no confidence in doing this. I though first let me learn the twisting of murukku and then do it ritually. So like a child with play dough in hands i tried this is in an easy method. I strictly advice this as  a learning tool for beginners and when we are adept in making murukkus then we can try the original recipe. Each  house  may have a recipe or any blog can give you the full recipe . Now i am sharing mine.


Rice flour – 2 cups

Urad dal flour – ½ cup

White/Black sesame seeds – 1tsp

Butter -1 tsp

Hing – 1 tsp.





First dry roast the urad dal flour in dry pan . Then mix it with rice flour.i used store bought flour . Usually the process involves soaking the rice for 2 hours , drying and grinding it in a mill or mixie. But for beginners this is too much . After doing all this if the shape does not come well it will be traumatising . So let us first train  our hands and fingers to this skill.

Mixing the flour with salt well we can add sesame seeds, butter, hing now. Then add water little by little and make it into a soft dough. Add some hot oil on this and mix well. Then we can just sit down and relax while doing this. Take any big plate and grease with oil,. Take a small bottle cap and a lemon size of this dough and start from a point and  swirl gently . Do this at least for two circles . Continue this with the flour. When all murukkus are made deep fry in oil. Use a Dosai Thiruppi for taking the uncooked murukku from the plate. Cook in low flame and drain in a tissue paper . You will see how much skill you  have and the start with the original recipe next time.



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