May day Special / Tri colour Spaghetti Ristoranti.


This Spaghetti is made form 100% durum wheat  semolina and has no preservatives or added colour. i used  ¾ th of this pack only and we felt full and have  a portion for tomorrow’s breakfast too. The best part is my daughter’s help and ideas in making this. i was surprised that she knew the exact quantity otherwise i would have used the full packet . When  asked for choices my husband ,daughter preferred Tomato  sauce, but my son said  mint (simply to be different). i then made up my mind to cook both and add one extra, white sauce too to get that Tricolour effect. Indian Flag has three colours saffron, white and Green and i thought it is very apt to make this on the eve of May Day, Labour Day as a tribute to all our Brothers and sisters who work, clean, build other countries and  expel their energy .If we see any manual labourer here he may belong to the Indian subcontinent and so Indian tricolour Spaghetti will do the justice to the whole subcontinent. Not only to our Dear Manual labourers it is also for all expats who have flown away from their homelands to work in another country and make the country bright and beautiful, this May Day should bring the colours of life with full energy.



Spaghetti – 1 packet

Olive Oil -1 tsp


1 tsp

 For vegetables

Carrot – 1 cup ( Julienne)

Beans – ½ cup

Red  bell pepper -1

Cabbage – 1cup

Onion -1


For red sauce

Tomatoes -3

Red Bell pepper -1 /2

Onion -1

Garlic -3 flakes

Omam or oregano – 1tsp


For Green sauce

Mint leaves –a handful

Green chilli – 2


For white sauce

Butter – 2tbls

Milk – ½ cup

Plain flour -1 tbls

White pepper powder -1

Salt   – 1  tsp


Boil a pot of water and add  a  tsp of Olive oil, salt to it . When the water comes to boiling stage add required quantity of Spaghetti and cover and cook. The final texture should be tender and firm . Drain the hot water and rinse the  spaghetti. Divide it into three portions


For the vegetables:

Cut all vegetables into thin strips. Add oil in a pan and sauté onion first followed by carrot, beans, Bell pepper and cabbage. Add a tsp of salt when cooked . Divide the vegetables into three portions.


For the Tomato sauce :

Blanch tomatoes . Grind it with Red bell pepper, onion, garlic, Omam. When it becomes a paste slow cook it with little salt and oil. Simmer it till it becomes a sauce .

Mix this with a portion of spaghetti and  a portion of vegetables  and toss in anon stick pan. Check for salt and add a dash of olive oil and grated cheese on it .



For the Mint sauce:

Grind mint leaves and green chilli. Add salt. Cook this with a tsp of oil in low flame till the raw smell goes . Mix this with another portion of spaghetti and vegetables . Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese , a tsp of Olive oil on this and serve.


For white sauce:

Melt butter in a pan. When it melts add milk . Mix plain flour with litte water and add to the mixture in the stove .Slowly  stir it and add  white pepper powder and salt . Mix  few Indian cottage cheese/Paneer pieces  when the sauce is hot and keep aside





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