Wheat /Rava/Tofu/greens Paratha.



i saw in a  website a recipe made with wheat rava and in another Tofu been added to chapatti. i got inspired by both ideas and decided  to make parathas. The texture was little hard  and with raita it was ok. The best thing is we need not prepare any separate side dish as this paratha itself has all the nutrients and will go well even with plain curd . So you can have  a try . You can also  alter the wheat rava  quantity, by lessening it you can get softer parathas.


Wheat flour/ Atta – 2 cups

Wheat rava – 1 ½ cup

Silken tofu – 1 slice

Red chilli powder -1 tsp

Cumin powder -1 tsp

Amaranth leaves /Spinach – 1 cup



Mix the rava and atta together. Add chilli powder , cumin powder , salt and again mix well. To this add crumble silken tofu and cut amaranth leaves . The water oozing from tofu will be enough to make the dough . If needed sprinkle little water . Cover and leave it for 2 hours . Roll them into chapathis and cook in tava adding oil on both sides . Serve with raitha of your choice .



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