Easy Kadai Paneer.


Paneer in any form is liked by all of us . Cooking Paneer means it is some celebration in my house and yesterday was Mother’s day so i cooked for myself  and my family this , i have to wait for few more years  for my children to cook this for me.


Paneer – 1 cup

onion -2

Ginger -1 inch

Garlic – 4 Flakes

Almonds -4

Tomato -1

Red chilli powder -1 tsp

Garam  masala Powder -1 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Cumin Powder -1 tsp

Kasoori  Methi leaves – 1 handful



Thaw the frozen paneer . Grind together onion, garlic, ginger, Almond and tomato. In a kadai add oil/ ghee and saute this ground masala   well. When the fat separates well add the Red chilli powder, garam masala powder,Coriander powder , Cumin Powder  and salt . Then add Paneer, little water and cover it . After few minutes  add kasoori methi  leaves and switch off the flame . Easy Kadai  Paneer is ready. Goes well with any pulao or Roti.



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