Peas Pulao.


Peas – is the most liked one by me but i rarely buy the fresh ones  and often use dry ones .The fresh ones is usually unavailable here and the frozen ones are too sweet. But day before yesterday i grabbed a pack of peas. To enjoy the taste of peas i decided to make Peas Pulao and we all like the taste of fresh ones . Always fresh stands first before processed or frozen.



Basmati Rice – 1 /2 cup

Fresh peas – 1 cup

Onion -2

Ginger -1 inch

Garlic -4 flakes

Green chilli – 3

Mint leaves – 1 handful

Cinnamon -1 stick

Cloves – 2

Bay leaf -2

Garam  masala powder or saunf powder – 1 tsp




Wash and soak basmati rice. If needed  a teaspoon of coconut milk. Cut onions lengthwise. Grind ginger , garlic and green chilli. After half an hour of soaking time  the actual preparation begins.


Add oil and little ghee in a cooker. Add the spices one by one. Wait for a minute and add the onion. Saute well.


Add mint leaves and fry well. Then add the ground paste  and again sauté well. Add green peas . Add a splash of any spicy powder you prefer . Add water ( 1: 1.5) and then salt. Finally add the soaked rice . The water should be drained before and can be used for cooking . Cover the cooker an  cook for 2 whistles . Open after the steam settles and serve with any spicy  gravy .



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