Multi colour Kulfi .


The sound of the bells and the red cloth covered pots still make us drool as  we remember the kulfi man coming in the streets during night time. The various stick ice creams we used to buy in the street during our stay in Trichy , where we used to enjoy also brings good reminiscences. i used to put the ice cream in a tumbler and eat . The 10 paisa paal ice cream has no match even to a prestigious world brand ice cream. i recently found this recipe in  food blog and tried. i wanted to do some variation and  try new  flavours. As usual my daughter preferred Brown colour ice cream and so i used some chocochips to add the flavour . Wow the ice cream set perfectly good and i tasted it and found good too. May be after a next whip in the blender it will become creamy . So in between i am blogging here.



Fresh Milk – 2 cups

Condensed milk -1 cup

Sugar – 2 tsp

Corn flour -1 /2 tsp

Rose syrup– 2 tsp

Choco chips – 2 tsp

Pandan essence -1 tsp

Pandan flavour -1 tsp.



Boil milk in an open pan.


Add the condensed milk and stir well.


Mix cornflour with water and add to the mixture .

Then finally test for sugar and add as your require.

As we had already added condensed milk to it may not need much sugar.

Boiling well is necessary to wade away the cornflour smell.

Separate this into individual portions and add choco chips to one portion, rose syrup to one , Pandan flavour  and essence to one .

The plain one is the paal ice cream. We can add any nuts to this too. When cool cover all these container and freeze . After a night it will be set . May be we can  give a blend in blender to break done and freeze again .This will give a creamy mixture and smooth texture for the ice cream.


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