The instant reply for choice of food for children when we eat out is Parotta . i wonder when this culture came . i think i have tasted it when i was around 12 years , when my maternal aunt Viji Chithi used to prepare this . It will be very filling and it took a lot of time and patience for her to do it . Then when i was years my brother in law used to buy this for us . The side dish which was neither too rich but which was apt for the rich parotta was always our like . Even in small functions we ordered Idli and Parotta . Coming to Singapore again this parotta culture seem to be more prevalent .Here it is called as Prata and always i could only have sugar as an accompaniment as they serve chicken curry . Banana Prata , chocolate prata , coin prata , Tissue prata, Egg onion prata , kothu prata , instant frozen prata, spring onion prata – what a variety of choices we have . Yet to take that pain just like my chithi and do it for our family is always a pleasure. Here is the method’

Maida -2 cups
Yeast – 1 tsp
salt- 1 tsp
Warm milk -1 cup
oil – 2tsp
Rice flour – 3 tsp
Gingelly oil -3 tsp


Mix maida and salt. Make a well in the middle , add milk and yeast. Wait for few minutes for the yeast to dissolve.
Mean while in a small cup add rice flour and gingelly oil and make it into a paste .When the yeast dissolves mix the maida well with little oil and water . Make it into a pliable dough.
The best rising time is 2 hours. After 2 hours make small balls out of the dough of equal size. Roll them into thin circles.
After rolling one circle apply the rice flour paste which is called as pathar . On the top of one circle place one more circle and apply the pathar again.

Like this we can overlap seven circles . Then roll it carefully into a long cylinder.

Cut it into equal size may be four will be ideal.



Without disturbing the layers , press gently and roll without much pressure into a circle.


Cook it in a tava with oil or ghee on both sides .


We can see layers of the prata. Within both sides of the palm press the prata hardly so that we will get a soft , flexible structure in the middle.



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