Saraswathi Poojai/Ayudha Poojai.


Just to have a notes section or to have past reminiscences i took a snap of the events today . Saraswathi Poojai or Ayudha Puja is celebrated during Navaratri and children are very happy because they can keep the books near the deity and need not study . i remember taking the extra caution of not taking even a glance of the newspaper this day and keeping the difficult subject books so that Goddess Saraswathi will bless us.


The next day that is tomorrow we have to wake up, take bath and take the best book and study which means that subject will be blessed by Her and we will get good marks. Apart from this on Saraswathi Poojai we keep the knives and certain tools near the God. Vehicles are given a good touch up and cleaned well. A splash of sandal and garlands adorning the vehicles is a good sight and in Singapore Indian drivers do this religiously . Before taking the car lemons are  kept before the tyres and after a smash over it vehicles take the usual drive . Even my son’s cycle takes this special treatment today. During our college days each department will do this and we being Chemistry main, have seen our labs given that poojai.
Now for the celebrations . Sandal and kumkum paste are applied on books and tools and a cloth is used to cover it. on it the deity of Goddess Saraswathi or a photo can be placed . Fruits , betel nut and coconut are kept. Nevediyam or delicacy is of our choice. New pens and pencil can be kept . i made Coconut arisi payasam and Black channa (kondakadalai) sundal.



Coconut arisi payasam


Raw rice -1 tbls
Coconut – 2 tbls
Cashew – 5 -10
Cardamom – 3
Moong dal – 1/2  cup
Jaggery – 4 pieces
Dates -3
Milk – 1/4 cup
Ghee – 1tsp


Cook the moongdal in a pressure cooker till soft .


Wash and soak the rice . Along with it you can add the cashew and cardamom too.


After half an hour grind it along with coconut. Grate the jaggery and melt it in water .


Sieve it for impurities and again boil it . Then add the cooked moong dal and ground paste . When they become thick enough add milk and cook for few minutes . In a tsp of ghee gold roast cashew and cut  dates and pour on the payasam. Ready for naiveidyam .


Black Channa Sundal :


Although this is more prevalent the white kabuli channa rules the game as we prefer it for North Indian gravy Channa masala. So this Black channa takes a special place only on Saraswathi poojai .We have to forcibly make the children eat this .

Ingredients :

Black channa – 2 cups
Coconut – 2 tbls
Hing -1 tsp
Mustard seeds -1 tsp
Ajwain -1 seeds
Coconut oil -1 tsp
Salt as required
Curry leaves .

To grind
Urad dal -1 tsp
Channa dal -1 tsp
Red chilli -3
Coriander seeds -1 tsp

Roast the above said items in little oil and this is  called as sundal powder . Soak the channa for five to six hours .Pressure cook it till soft . Drain the extra water.In a kadai add coconut oil and when  it is hot temper with mustard seeds, ajwain and hing. Add the cooked channa and sundal powder. Mix well , add salt and curry leaves . An extra dose of coconut oil can be added and it is ready for neivediyam.



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