An Eye feast for Deepavali.


Catching the Deepavali mood .

Deepavali and Little India, Singapore cannot be separated as both give us a festive mood always and even on normal days we get to see a variety of colors, people coming to little India or Serangoon and we get a high when we visit there .We get to see Food, Flowers, Fun, Dress , Vegetables, Jewelries and of course people with life as we get to see human beings who really want a break from their regular life and occupying each and every space here . For the workers a small gathering with a few cans of drinks and just sitting on the platform unmindful of the events happening outside is a regular pastime on weekends . For families , like us, an occasional visit to Serangoon means collection of all Indian memories like vegetables, groceries from India , a visit to Mustafa , world famous one stop shop and a hearty meal at any Indian outlet will complete a day . For us the tourists from India and other countries, the marine officers who come for a short shopping spree give us a lively experience to see the whole world there . We go there for our weekly requirements but the tourists who come there may be visiting there only once in a life time . A confluence of different consciousness and we come to know about them as our mere face reading will tell who and from where they are . A different experience for us . Deepavali too has such a vibrant touch here and it will not be complete without visiting here. Nowadays w e have island wide shops and online shops but the real mood will be on only when we visit as a family to buy dress , crackers and groceries needed for Deepavali .And now for the photos which will give a good feast for the eyes.



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