Come Deepavali and i am ready to explore all types of sweets and savories and with that my fervor ends. Also i take this celebration mood to learn new skills . Most of the times i am too lazy to learn new skill or wait for something to learn something new, may be because cooking has become an everyday affair that i do not want to stay in the kitchen always . But seeing the blogs all over the world nowadays cooking seems to be a passion as everyone are willingly sharing their trade secrets without expectation . That brings world harmony and passing good will to all. This is new as previously we have come across people who will not share their recipes or show their skills. Nowadays internet has become a communist party that it shares and gives for everyone . That way i salute the Internet ,all cookery bloggers who share their skills with passion and love and inspire me. i came upon Karasev in this blog http://kitchenrhapsody.blogspot.sg/ and it is my favourite one as i see a sleek touch of attraction from the blogger that calms my nerves or inspires me to bring or live more in life . And from more such sites i got a recipe for Karasev and tried doing it . Luckily i got the perforated ladle yesterday and today i somehow made this which came out pretty good. Karasev means Bombay sweet stall karasev which my relatives buy along with Suratghari each time on their visit . I love that soft and hard texture . When bitten the hard karasev melts in our mouth . The one i made gives a soft texture yet crispy along with a contended feeling that i made it . Now  for the recipe.


Bengal gram Flour -1 cup
Rice Flour -1 /4 cup
Baking Powder– ¼ tsp
Black pepper -1 /2 tsp
Cumin Seeds -1 /2 tsp
Red Chilli -1
Garlic – 2 cloves
Ghee –  1 tsp

Sieve the flour together.
In a plate add ghee, Baking powder and rub well.
Add the flour , salt and mix well. Grind Garlic and red chilli into a paste .
Grind pepper and cumin seeds into coarse powder . You can use either both the mixture or either one depending on your own taste.
Mix well with the flour with little water .
The dough should not be soft but little bit hard.
In a kadai add oil . On the perforated ladle take a small lump of dough and rub gently so that you get small worm like structures on the oil .
You have to do it directly on the heated oil . Make sure the stove is in sim mode .
Immediately do not turn the karasev . You have to wait and then turn it .

When it become golden brown or the sizzling sound of the oil goes away you remove it and drain it in a tissue paper .
When cool store it in air tight containers.




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