Baadusha/ பாதுஷா .


The not much rich sweet  yet which attracts everyone , the most common one and the easiest to make is perhaps Baadusha only. We i.e. my mother and myself learnt if from our House helper Sarasu almost twenty  years before. Her husband was a cook and he used to cook in marriages so we were glad when she gave this authentic recipe . The dish calls for Dalda or vegetable shortener . But nowadays it is better to avoid that and so it switched over  to ghee. The normal appearance will be like a flattened doughnut with  a depression in the middle and decorated with coloured coconut scrapings which i have replaced with cake sprinklers. The recipe doesn’t call for much ghee or sweet and in marriages when we have to make in bulky amounts Baadusha is the most preferred one . Now for the celebration.

Ingredients (makes 10 to 12)

Plain Flour / Maida – 2cup

Sugar -1 cup

Ghee -4 tbls

Baking Powder -1 /4 tsp

Baking soda -1/2 tsp

Lemon Juice – 2 tsp

Curd – 2 ladle

Vanilla essence or any flavour of your choice -1 tsp

Cake sprinklers.

Cooking oil -To deep fry



Sieve the flour and baking powder, soda together. Add ghee, curd  and mix well . It will resemble like bread crumbs. If needed add little water and make sure it is not like a dough but gathered bread crumbs . Leave it aside for twenty minutes.

DSC09907 In a heavy bottom vessel add sugar and water and stir it gently till you get the one string consistency. Add the lemon juice to prevent crystallization . Finally add the essence  and switch off the flame. Take a ball of the dough either flatten it and make a depression in the middle or swirl the edges  to get curly edges . It is not necessary that we must get perfect shapes as we must not disturb the bread crumb texture

DSC09908Deep fry them in  batches in a  low flame so that the inside too gets cooked . Turn gently when one side becomes golden brown and then again fry well.

DSC09910 When both sides are cooked drain them in a tissue paper.


Add the Fried badushas to the sugar syrup and let them soak in it for few minutes .


  • After few minutes drain them from the syrup and arrange in a plalte, sprinkle cake sprinklers on top . When cool store in air tight containers .DSC09923

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