Mysore Pak / மைசூர் பாகு.


Mysore paa , The Krishna sweets magic is the universal sweet which makes us drool and we cannot stop with one . Perhaps my first attempt with sweets worth the results was Mysore pak. Immediately after marriage ,after my in laws arrival one fine morning seeing a TV show i immediately rushed and tried this with a small measure and it came out pretty good. But sweets and luck do not come always , so we have to be very careful while doing this. My husband likes the honey comb texture , but i like the Krishna sweets texture which melts in our mouth . What matters while making sweets is patience and alertness .Other than that with a good recipe, sweets can attain perfection . The amount of ghee i used here can be varied from 1 to 1.5 cups . The usual payasam cup is what i have used for measuring . Whichever cup you use , try to use the same for measuring all ingredients .Now for the show.



Gram Flour – 1 cup

Sugar -1 and a  ½ cup

Ghee -1 cup (unmelted )

Water -1 cup


  1. In a pan dry roast the Gram flour for at least 5 minutes . We must use high quality gram flour. Throughout the procedure maintaining the flame in a low mode is a must . After roasting the flour , sieve it.



2. In a pan add sugar and 1 cup of water . Stir it gently . Lot of patience is needed and when we get the one string consistency it is the right  time to add the roasted , sieved flour . The one string consistency can be tested by taking a small amount of syrup and when it sticks between fingers  in  one line  , it is apt . After adding the flour in little by little amount stir it gently.

DSC099023.Meanwhile in another pan add the ghee and heat it , without smoking, maintaining it in the lowest flame .Prepare a greased tray simultaneously.


DSC099144. When the mysore pak mixture blends well, add  a ladle of the heated ghee  now , stirring then and now. Little by little add the ghee, stir the mysore pak mixture. When hot ghee is added  the mixture will bubble like molten lava .


Leave it as such for a minute and again stir . Finally the mixture will start leaving the sides. Switch off the flame.In the greased tray add a small amount of this mixture, allow it to cool. When it cools if you can take it as a solid one then it is the right consistency. With the flame switched off keep on stirring the mixture , and then pour it in the tray. When cool cut into desire shapes and sizes . i usually go for thinner ones as we cannot stop with one and so we can limit our intake. Sprinkling sugar on top is optional.


Note: Adding heated ghee  makes the Gram flour lose its raw flavour and also melts any lumps formed in between. To get a more higher , richer taste butter which is melted at that moment can also be used . The ghee amount i have used gives a soft and rich texture ,if you really want that Krishna sweets type increase the amount of ghee . The one i made makes us Guilt free.DSC09926


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