Omapodi / ஓமப்பொடி .


Ajwain or Omam is good for  health and aids digestion . This recipe uses Ajwain mainly and as a liker of Ajwain i cannot resist this. Omapodi yields more quantities with a lesser amount of flour and it easy to make. Time consuming it is a light snack too. Butter or ghee can be used to make the dough . Keeping the flame in a low mode throughout  is essential.


Gram flour -2 cups

Rice flour -1 cup

Ajwain / Omam -1 handful

Hing powder – ½ tsp


Ghee – 2 tbls

Cooking oil– enough to deep fry


  1.   Soak the omam in water for twenty minutes . Then grind it in a mixie and sieve it . The strained water is the one to be used.

2. Mix the flour, salt , hing powder well. Add ghee and the omam water little by little.       Make it into a  stiff dough with a little softness as too much softness will consume oil.

3. Heat oil in a kadai, much enough to fry the Omapodi.

4. Take the murukku achu fix the idiappam mould add a part of the dough and when the oil gets heated  , simmer it and press the achu in circular motions so that the whole pan is filled with it but not densely . It will take only few seconds to fry . Make sure that we are not overcrowding the pan  as it may not get cooked well. Then turn over gently and again fry well. The colour could be from white to light brown .

Drain them in a  tissue paper and store in airtight containers.



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