Custard Powder Halwa.


Halwa is a common preparation during Deepavali and there exists many types of Halwa. My  most favourite one is Thirunelveli Halwa. But thinking of the laborious preparation we do not try making  Halwa at homes  except for Asoka Halwa. The process of stirring Halwa is cumbersome, and i would never try it . But seeing this recipe here .  i thought of trying as it seemed to be easy .i wanted to get  the square shape so it took a little more time. Other than  that if you are going to serve as such it will be very easy.Ideal for an evening snack or for the sudden guest.


Custard Powder – 1 cup

Sugar – 3 cups

Ghee –  3 tbls

Water – 4 cups

Cashew – 10 to 12


Fry the Cashew in ghee and set aside. Grease  a tray

Mix the custard powder, water and sugar well.

It does not form any lumps .


Then heat this in a non stick vessel or pan . When the mixture becomes homogeneous add ghee and stir well. keep on stirring till you get a glossy consistency .Add the cashew nuts and stir well.  Slowly the Halwa will leave the sides and gather together.


Take a little amount and cool it . If you can shape it then it is ready to set.

Pour the  halwa in the greased tray  .It takes sometime to cool. When cool cut into desired shapes and sizes.



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