Murukku /ThenKuzhal/தேன்குழல்.

DSC09948The main preparation during Deepavali which is most commonly liked by all is Murukku. My recipe has nothing to do as i am using store bought Murukku Flour , the actual process involves grinding rice and urad dal. But nowadays it is easier to use ready made murukku flour . In my childhood my Grand mother used to make Murukkus which is also called as thenkuzhal in large amounts . For that she shifted the gas stove to the floor and used to sit and make for her house, ours and my aunty’s house . All the murukkus will be of perfect shape and size . Making murukku is thrilling for me  , except that i  have to stand and make it for 1 to 3 hours depending on the amount of flour we use as nowadays we have fixed gas stoves . The half cooked Thenkuzhal is my father’s favourite . i used lingam brand Murukku flour which is very popular here. Now for the preparation.


Ingredients :

Murukku Flour – 500 gm

Cumin seeds – 1tbls

Ajwain -1 tbls

White sesame seeds -1 tbls

Hing powder – 1 tsp

Butter -2 tbls

Salt  – ¼ tsp (as the flour i used contains salt )

Ice cold water -1 cup


Mix the salt and all spices to the flour in a big vessel.


Melt the butter and add to this flour .

Add ice cold water , little by little and the process of kneading is important as we have to apply some pressure and make it into a stiff dough .

And also later while pressing in moulds it  should be easy for you to press.


Now heat oil in a wok.

When the oil gets heated , simmer it and take a small amount of dough and put it in the Murukku achu and swirl it either directly in the oil or in a small plate or ladle, slip it in the oil .DSC09941.

Make sure that the temperature of the oil is maintained well so that it is not smoking . In one batch  you can fry three murukkus.

Turn them to the other side when the sizzling sound ceases and wait for the bubbles to subside . Drain them in a tissue paper .


Break them to see their crispness .

And if needed increase the frying time for the later batches. Store in air tight containers when cool.



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