Chocolate Chip Ebelskivers.


When i first  came to know that the  Paniyaarakal we use is called Ebelskivers i was surprised. Later i came upon a book in the library. i  quickly took a glance of the book and was surprised to see the easy methods and the various recipes. Most of them sweet and some spicy. With a lot of creativity and imagination we can try all our new ideas in this. Now a small introduction on Ebelskivers.

Ebelskivers (pronounced able- skeevers) are originally from Denmark. served there as traditional snack or dessert. They are light ,puffy , sphere shaped pan cakes and  are served with flavourful toppings and fillings ..The process needs a special pan which is seven welled  and is similar to the Indian Paniyaarak kal. The one which i used is a non stick one which i got from my sister as present .


The original one is made of cast iron which can be used in gas stove or electric ones.

The batter is a breeze to make and originally there exists All purpose, orange, vanilla batter.The ingredients are simple and  what we have in the kitchen is enough. Compared to us our children are more sweet toothed and like less sweet, less oily and less spicy food so this ebelskiver is an  ideal one which every mom should know. Normally ebelskivers are served as such or with sauces on top or incorporated.Flavours and sauces may differ and there seems to be no limits for it . i am waiting for the  next guest  to my house to serve this and show the  variety.

An interesting legend on ebelskivers:

The invention of Ebelskivers is much debated but one story tells of the Vikings returning very hungry from a fierce battle . With no frying pans on which to cook they placed their damaged shields over a hot fire and cooked pancakes in the indentations.

It is always a known fact that anything which is quick, serves the need , crosses the norms  and which just  jumps out of human minds always is tasty and classic. In that way ebelskivers with that legend is a classic and i will bring many recipes on ebelskivers in the future .Now for the recipe.

The basic batter or All purpose  batter :Makes for 21 pan cakes

APF- 1 cup

Brown sugar /White sugar -2 tsp

Baking powder -1/2 tsp

Salt -1 /4 tsp

Butter – 2 tbsp unsalted, melted and slightly cooled

Eggs -2 large (separated )

Choco chips – 2 tbls


1. Ina large bowl add all dry items flour, sugar , Baking powder and salt .

2. In a small bowl , lightly whisk the egg yolks , then whisk in the milk and melted butter .Add the yolk mixture to the flour mixture and using a wooden spoon stir until well blended . The batter will be lumpy.

In a clean bowl using an electric mixer on high speed , beat the egg whites until stiff but nor dry. i don’t have one so i just whisked with a hand beater . Fold the egg white about one third into the batter and lighten it , then fold in the rest until no white streaks remain .Now fold in the choco chops and mix well.


Heat  ebelskiver pan and brush lightly with butter . The temperature needs to be maintained in medium as the first batch i made changed to dark color , not burnt , but for a high appearance maintaining the temperature is necessary . When the pan gets slightly heated add three tsp of batter in each well .


After few minutes turn  the other side.


Browning will take place in one side only . Serve hot .

The first batch which resulted our of high temperature , not burnt but less appealing to eyes .


The book DSC09988


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