Tofu Choco pudding.


To make a new start after a holiday i was prolonging to cook something new  as we all wanted to have a diet after a good vacation with food.But everything needs a break  and so a rich opening with goodness was my goal.My long time wish to make this simple and healthy recipe came true yesterday as i remembered to buy silken tofu from the market as things get postponed because of not big issues but forgetting small things.What a vast philosophy to this simple recipe.Found this recipe in kitchen.Now to the method.

Silken Tofu  2 pkts

Chocochips  1 cup

Castersugar 1/2 cup

Water  1 tbls

Blend tofu well in a blender.Melt the chocochips with water in a microwave oven.Mix well with tofu and add sugar as i used semisweet choco chips and again blend well.That’s it.Pour it in ramekins and cover with aluminium foil and cool for at least 4 hours as tofu needs to get the sweetness inside.Only when told kids will find that the main ingredient is tofu.A very healthy substitute for eggs and almost similar to Goey   chocolate pudding.Adjust sugar and chocochips according to your taste.


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