Pineapple Kesari.

Blog Photos 319 Kesari is the most common dessert which we make at homes. It is customary to serve kesari to the visiting bridegroom before marriage . Pineapple kesari was the one which i wanted to try and i followed it from visiting various websites with slight variations. i did not add essence.since  did not have in hand. Also to let the kesari cool and then eat will make the taste blend within itself . Now for the recipe.


Rava -1 cup

Sugar -1  1/2 cup

Ghee -3 tbls

Cashew- 1 tbls

water – 1.5 cup

Tinned pine apple pieces – 1/2 cup


Roast rava well without any oil and also be careful that the colour must not change to brown.

On another pan heat water and when it comes to boil add this water to the rava and also cut pine apple pieces. i used tinned so we can use it just like that. Simmer the stove and cover it . Wait till the rava gets cooked . We can add the colour too now. In another pan fry cashew with little ghee until it turns light brown .

Now check if the rava is cooked . Mash the rava well so that no lumps are formed . i used a masher as i was afraid that some  will remain as such . Now add sugar . The sugar will melt and become watery . Add ghee too now. Now give a brisk turn over the kesari . Add essence and cashew . The pineapple kesari  is ready .

Blog Photos 318


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