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The other day i thought of making adai for dinner and with fresh vegetables brought from Little India i thought Aviyal will be a good decision to do . Later when i checked my blog i noted that i had not entered the recipe here. So with dual purpose i made and clicked the aviyal. Aviyal is a good accompaniment for all dishes but somehow i feel lazy to do it . May be my decision to include many vegetables in it may be one. But a simple aviyal with carrot, beans , drumstick will do wonders is my recent experience. Brinjal, yam, Raw mango, cluster beans, Chow chow , Pumpkin are some more vegetables which can be incorporated in a aviyal.

Carrot -2
Beans – 1 cup
Chow chow -1/2
Drumsticks -2
Coconut oil.
Curd – 2 tbls

To grind:
Coconut -1 /2 cup
Channa dal – 1 tsp
Green chilli -3
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp

1. Cut all vegetables and steam them.
2. Roast the channa dal in little oil and grind it with coconut, green chilli and cumin seeds to a smooth paste.
3. Adding channa dal gives a thick texture and we can reduce the amount of coconut. Some of my friends add small onion to this.
Now put the vegetables in a kadai and add the ground mixture, little water, salt and if needed turmeric powder .
4 Simmer the stove and cook till the vegetable get covered with the paste.
5.Finally add curd and mix well.
6. Switch off the flame . We can either add a dash of coconut oil or garnish curry leaves in coconut oil and add to aviyal.

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