Chettinadu Kaara Chutney.

Chettinadu means rich culture and tradition.Also good food.Although i have not tasted much i cannot forget the panniyaram and kaara chutney Ananda Bhavan serves.While ordering for birthday parties everyone’s comments will be chutney is too good but cannot forget the spiciness or the colour.i had potato masal left out from yesterday’s menu Poori masal.So thought of making dosa with masal stuffed inside.And also wanted to spruce up my culinary skills.The other day i saw my son liking the kaara chutney at Woodlands hotel.So surfing the web i found this recipe .Also many make this with small onions too and different methods.This method is finger licking good.


Big Onion _3

Tomato _1

Garlic_2 flakes

Red Chilli_4


Mustard seeds _ 1 tsp

Curry leaves a few sprig.


Grind onion ,tomato, garlic and red chilli together.In a pan add oil and then mustard seeds.When it splutters add curry leaves  and then the chutney.Add salt and mix well.Simmer the flame .In few minutes the chutney will get ready.


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